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Cotter Resident Mentors
Posted 07/12/2017 10:23AM

Cotter Schools is hiring Resident Mentors for the 2017-2018 school year. The position is August through the first week of June.
RM's live in the Cotter dorms with international students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Japan, Mexico, El Salvador, and many more countries! We try very hard to make the dorm feel like a home for the kids. As a Cotter RM, you have youth living with you and have the awesome privilege to help them navigate their high school years. Sometimes that means teaching them how to do laundry, holding them accountable to living within the community, proofing papers, going to watch their games, listening to musicals, and just being present.

RM's are paired up to have a consistent evening duty night. One week you are desk (5:30-10:30PM) and then the next week you are open gym (7:15-8:30PM). Weekend hours are split between two staff members so on average RM's would have weekend hours once every 4-5 weeks. We also provide driving. Depending on your age would determine if you are able to drive. You must be 21 to drive. We provide the vehicles. Driving is also split between staff members. We drive Friday evening and Saturday late afternoon/evening. It averages out to around 4-5 times in a semester (less fall and more spring because the spring semester is longer). If you are not eligible to drive, you would pick up extra weekend desk duty as someone else would pick up the driving.

Each Resident Mentor is given a space (suite or apartment) depending on living situations. There is a modest stipend which is paid throughout the year, twice a month along with a bonus at the end of the year when we have closed up for the year. You are also given a full meal plan which covers three meals a day on school days and then brunch/dinner on non-school days.

Looking for exceptional people for an amazing opportunity! Please contact Marie Barrientos, Director of Residential and Student Life, for more information or to apply.

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