2020 NHS Members Inducted

Several students have been selected for membership into the Marian Chapter of National Honor Society. All students that are in 10th, 11th and 12th grade that have a 3.5 GPA or higher were invited to apply for membership. Students submitted an essay and showed evidence of leadership, character and service. Applicants were then evaluated and voted on by a Faculty committee.  The Induction Ceremony will take place next school year. Congratulations!

The ideals of NHS are character, service, leadership and scholarship. This year's officers were Joseph Renk, Rita Row, Mary Morgan and Ceili DeMarais. National Honor Society is advised by Mrs. Marisa Corcoran. 

NHS Inductees: Hailey Biesanz, Esme Brandvik, Abigail Briggs, Stefani Cardenas, Megan Costello, Suzanne Duellman, Ali French, Olivia Gardner, Ellie Glodowski, Nadia Hocum, Grace Menke, Megan Morgan, Tess Mullen, Mary Row, Sera Speltz, Alessia Velasquez Nitti, Ian Modjeski, Freya Brandvik, Trinity Schmidtkneckt, Cale Beckman, Milla Puente Infante, and Nick Walechka