Cotter High School Hosts Virtual Meet

Congratulations to the Cotter High School and Cotter Middle School Speech Teams on another successful showing. This past weekend Cotter High School hosted (virtually) over 330 students from across the country in the largest speech meet it has ever run. The High School team WON the meet - racking up an impressive 6th first place finish this season, and having finished in first or second in 9 of its meets!  Cotter High School had 15 speakers make final rounds, and seven make next in finals!  And the Cotter Middle School had one student who also broke to next in finals - which was amazing given the number of high school speakers who were competing.  Special congratulations to Grace and Claire Miller, and Lexi Licheng - both tournament champions!  Below are all those who placed (including one honorable mention)!

Finalists: Cotter High School Team

  • Grace Miller & Claire Miller: Category Champions Duo
  • Yuexi (Lexi) Licheng: Category Champion Prose
  • Grace Miller 2nd place: Informative
  • Alison French 2nd place: Poetry
  • Alson French 3rd place: Drama
  • Hannah Graff 3rd place: Impromptu
  • Hannah Graff 4th place: Drama
  • Hailey Biesanz 4th place: Extemp Speaking
  • Olivia Moore 4th place: Prose
  • Cecilia Galke & Jonah Heckman 5th place: Duo
  • Aubrey Williams 5th place: Great Speeches
  • Jase Vafaei 6th place: Discussion
  • Ellie Glodowski 6th place: Humorous

Next-In Finalists: High School Team

  • Grace Finnerty 1st place: Original Oratory
  • Aubrey Williams 2nd place: Informative
  • Grace Finnerty 3rd place: Impromptu
  • Savanna Welters 4th palce: Impromptu
  • Savanna Welters 5th place: Drama
  • Kayleigh Taylor 6th place: Drama
  • Adam Dilks 6th place: Informative

Honorable Mention:

  • Claire Miller: Honorable Mention Storytelling

Next-In Finalists: Cotter Middle School Team

  • Elliot Schneider 5th Place: Poetry