Cotter Speech Team Claims Conference Title

The Cotter Speech Team competed in the Three Rivers Conference Meet this past weekend. The team claimed the conference title - winning the for the 6th consecutive year!  

The team scored 128 points - beating the next closest team, Chatfield, by over 70 points. The team had 34 speakers (greater than 3/4ths of their participants) place in the conference tournament, including 7 conference champions!  

Congratulations on this 1st playoff victory of the season to the entire team and to those who earned Individual awards!

Conference Champions:

  • Jase Vafaei - Discussion
  • Anna Piechowski - Extemp Reading
  • Maddie Lemmer - Extemp Speaking
  • Aubrey Williams - Great Speeches
  • Grace Miller - Informative
  • Grace Finnerty - Original Oratory
  • Alison French - Poetry

Other Award Winners:

  • Hannah Graff 2nd place: Drama
  • Cecilia Galke & Jonah Heckman 2nd place: Duo
  • Hailey Biesanz 2nd place: Extemp Speaking
  • River Repinski 2nd place: Humorous
  • Adam Dilks 2nd place: Informative
  • Erica Beckman 2nd place: Original Oratory
  • Olivia Moore 2nd place: Prose
  • Grace Menke 3rd place: Creative Expression
  • Savanna Weltes 3rd place: Drama
  • Ava Koopman 3rd place: Extemp Reading
  • Logan Fritts 3rd place: Great Speeches
  • Ruth Civettini 3rd place: Informative
  • Madison Gorka 3rd place: Poetry
  • Lexi Licheng 3rd place: Prose
  • Maddie Kohner 4th place: Drama
  • Allyssa Williams & Megan Costello 4th place: Duo
  • Nadia Dieterman 4th place: Great Speeches
  • Elaine Zehr 5th place: Discussion
  • Hamilton Brewer 5th place: Prose
  • Mila Goodwin 5th place: Storytelling
  • Gedion Errthum 6th place: Discussion
  • Ellie Glodowski 6th place: Humorous
  • Izzie Biesanz 6th place: Original Oratory
  • Edward Zhang 6th place: Poetry
  • Alex Swensen 6th place: Storytelling