Cotter Speech Team Results

The Cotter 5th & 6th Grade Speech Team placed 4th as a team ahead of 2 high school teams!

Congratulations to the following speakers on winning awards!

  • Carter Knuesel 1st place: Informative Speaking
  • Eomji Errthum 1st place: Extemporaneous Reading
  • Elliot Schneider 2nd place: Poetry Reading
  • Lexie Biesanz 3rd place: Poetry Reading
  • Magdalena Stjepanovic 3rd place: Prose Reading
  • Izma Mohmed 4th place: Original Oratory
  • Will Kirk 4th place: Prose Reading (PRO)
  • Evalyn Hansen 6th place: Dramatic Interpretation

The Cotter High School Speech Team had a very busy week attending an asynchronous meet (all taped) at SMSU Monday-Thursday, having 4 students compete for a spot at the National Speech and Debate Association Tournament Qualifier Thursday and Friday, and competing at Filmore Central on Saturday, with 4 students competing in Willmar for a National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) Bid. 

SMSU hosted 44 teams from across the state, with over 450 students competing. The Cotter Speech Team finished 2nd - just 20 points shy of first.  This meet, every round earned points for our team - with higher scores earning more points.

Speakers placing in the 7th-9th Grade/Junior division:

  • Logan Fritts 1st place: Great Speeches
  • Savanna Welters 2nd place: Drama
  • Izzie Biesanz 2nd place: Original Oratory
  • Maddie Lemmer 2nd place: Extemp Speaking
  • Nicholas Stevenson 3rd place: Creative Expression
  • Ruth Civetinni 3rd place: Informative

Congratulations to those who placed in the top 6 and won awards:

  • Aubrey Williams 2nd place: Informative Speaking
  • Aubrey Williams 4th place: Great Speeches
  • Claire Miller & Grace Miller 4th place: Duo Interpretation
  • Hannah Graff 4th place: Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Olivia Moore 4th place: Prose Reading

NSDA qualifier:  The team had 4 members compete in this qualifier attempting to earn a spot in the NSDA tournament this summer.  This tournament features the top speakers in the state.  All 4 speakers did very well - but none broke to semi-finals.  

Congratulations to:

  • Alison French (Dramatic Interpretation)
  • Maddy McConville (Humorous)
  • River Repinski (Humorous)
  • Grace Finnerty (Original Oratory)

Filmore Central Meet:  Next part of our team (due to break) attended the meet in Fillmore Central.  Cotter won the meet, notching another first place victory.  

Congratulations to all those who spoke and special recognition to those who placed in the top 6 and earned awards:

  • Claire Miller and Grace Miller 1st place: Duo Interpretation
  • Grace Finnerty 1st place: Original Oratory
  • Hannah Graff 1st place: Dramatic Interpretation
  • Hannah Graff 1st place: Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Abby Briggs 2nd place: Informative Speaking
  • Ellie Glodowski 2nd place: Humorous Interpretation
  • Maddie Lemmer 2nd place: Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Nadia Dieterman 2nd place: Great Speeches
  • Savanna Welters 2nd place: Dramatic Interpretation
  • Adam Dilks 3rd place: Informative Speaking
  • Cecilia Galke & Jonah Heckman 3rd place: Duo Interpretation
  • Erica Beckman 3rd place: Original Oratory
  • Gedion Errthum 3rd place: Discussion
  • Allyssa Williams & Megan Costello 4th place: Duo Interpretation
  • Maddie Kohner 4th place: Dramatic Interpretation
  • Olivia Blumers 4th place: Storytelling
  • Brooke Rodgers 6th place: Creative Expression
  • Hailey Biesanz & Olivia Blumers 6th place: Duo Interpretation
  • Maddy McConville 6th place: Humorous Interpretation

Finally - 4 of our speakers attended the Willmar meet - two speakers (Olivia Moore and Alison French) in search of a second NEIETOC bid to qualify for this National Tournament, along with NEITOC qualifiers Grace Miller and Aubrey Williams.  These 4 speakers - out of 21 teams there - took 11th as a team.  All made final rounds, with Aubrey Williams Double finale.  Alison and Olivia needed to place in the top 3 in finals to earn their second NIETOC bids and although both performed well, both came up just short.  Congratulations their finishes at Willmar:

  • Aubrey Williams 2nd place: Great Speeches
  • Grace Miller 2nd place: Informative Speaking
  • Alison French 4th place: Dramatic Interpretation
  • Aubrey Williams 5th place: Informative Speaking
  • Olivia Moore 6th place: Prose Reading