Cotter Speech Team Wins Rochester John Marshall Meet

The Cotter Speech Team won the Rochester John Marshall meet, beating 17 other teams that were competing. The Cotter team earned 235 points - finishing 22 points ahead of Rochester John Marshall which finished 2nd and 88 points ahead of the 3rd place team Cannon Falls.

Tournament Champions

  • Grace and Claire Miller: Duo Interpretation
  • Aubrey Williams: Great Speeches
  • Aubrey Williams: Informative
  • Grace Finnerty: Original Oratory
  • Alison French: Poetry
  • Olivia Moore: Prose

Other finalists who placed:

  • Alison French: 2nd place Drama
  • Grace Miller: 2nd place Informative 
  • Alyssa Williams and Megan Costello: 3rd place Duo Interp
  • Hailey Biesanz: 3rd place Extemp Speaking
  • River Repinski: 3rd place Humorous
  • Morgan Arnold: 4th place Discussion
  • Cecilia Galke and Jonah Heckman: 4th place Duo Interp
  • Lexi Licheng: 4th place Prose
  • Maddie Lemmer: 5th place Extemp Speaking
  • Grace Menke: 5th place Creative Expression
  • Maddy McConville: 6th place Humorous

Congratulations to our Novice finalists

Novice Champions:

  • Brooke Rodgers: Creative Expression
  • Erica Beckman: Original Oratory
  • Madison Gorka: Poetry

Other Novice Finalists:

  • Ava Koopman: 2nd place Extemp Reading
  • Ruth Civettini: 2nd place Informative
  • Izzie Biesanz: 3rd place Original Oratory
  • Nicholas Stevenson: 4th place Creative Expression
  • Hamilton Brewer: 4th place Prose
  • Gianna Teska: 5th place Creative Expression
  • Kayleigh Taylor: 5th place Drama
  • Adam Dilks: 5th place Original Oratory