Cotter Speech Team Wins Wabasha Meet

Congratulations to the Cotter High School Speech Team for winning the Wabasha meet by over 100 points! They had Champions in 10 of the 13 categories, including 1 double Champion, Aubrey Williams, and one triple Champion, Alison French.  31 speakers placed for Cotter!  Way to go team.

Congratulations to the following speakers who placed at the meet:

  • Alison French: 1st Place Dramatic Interpretation
  • Alison French: 1st Place Extemporaneous Reading 
  • Alison French: 1st Place Poetry Reading 
  • Aubrey Williams: 1st Place Great Speeches
  • Aubrey Williams: 1st Place: Informative Speaking
  • Claire Miller and Grace Miller: 1st Place Duo Interpretation
  • Grace Finnerty: 1st Place Original Oratory
  • Grace Menke: 1st Place Creative Expression 
  • Morgan Arnold: 1st PlaceDiscussion 
  • Olivia Moore: 1st Place Prose Reading
  • Anna Piechowski: 2nd Place Extemporaneous Reading 
  • Cecilia Galke and Jonah Heckman: 2nd Place Duo Interpretation
  • Erica Beckman: 2nd Place Original Oratory
  • Grace Miller: 2nd Place Informative Speaking
  • Maddie Lemmer: 2nd Place Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Maddy McConville: 2nd Place Humorous Interpretation
  • Madison Gorka: 2nd Place Poetry Reading
  • Abby Briggs: 3rd Place Informative Speaking 
  • Allyssa Williams and Megan Costello: 3rd Place Duo Interpretation
  • Ava Koopman: 3rd Place Extemporaneous Reading
  • Jase Vafaei: 3rd Place Discussion 
  • Lyudmila (Mila) Goodwin: 3rd Place Storytelling
  • River Repinski: 3rd Place Humorous Interpretation
  • Savanna Welters: 3rd Place Dramatic Interpretation 
  • Izzie Biesanz: 4th Place Original Oratory
  • Logan Fritts: 4th Place Great Speeches
  • Maddie Kohner: 4th Place Dramatic Interpretation
  • Alexander (Alex) Swenson: 5th Place Storytelling
  • Charley Schroeder: 5th Place Prose Reading 
  • Corbin Andow: 5th Place Humorous Interpretation
  • Ellie Glodowski: 6th Place Humorous Interpretation

The Cotter 5th & 6th Grade Speech Team continued it's winning ways as well, taking 2nd place in large team, behind the high school team! About half the 5th & 6th grade team competed.  There was no novice component to the tournament this weekend, all speakers were entered in varsity rooms. Congratulations to all for doing such a great job.

Congratulations to the following speakers who placed at the meet: 

  • Carter Knuesel: 4th Place Informative Speaking
  • Elliot Schneider: 6th Place Poetry Reading
  • Izma Mohmed: 6th Place Original Oratory