Cotter Students Participate in Winona Model Legislature 2019

Cotter participated in the Winona Model Legislature this week.  The Model Legislature is organized by Minnesota State Representative Gene Pelowski each year as a re-creation of the Minnesota legislative process. Students sponsor bills, steer them through legislative committees, and ultimately strive to have their bills passed through both houses of the legislature and approved by the governor.

This year, twelve students participated:

  • Seniors: Viva Graff & Martin Kim
  • 8th Graders: Lilia Civettini, Hilary Duellman, Victoria Glasspoole, Kate Grebin, Zeke Stutesman, Jakob Yearous
  • 7th Graders: Bella Kaiser, Maddie Lemmer, Sonja Semling

Martin Kim was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate, while Viva Graff served as the Health and Human Services committee chair and the Senate floor leader.