December Ramblers of the Month

December Ramblers of the Month

8th Grade student Paige Lorenz is a Co- Rambler of the Month for December. Paige is the daughter of Malia Scott and Scott Lorenz, and has two siblings; Parker and Joseph. She also has dog named Pancakes!   

At Cotter Junior High School Paige is involved in cross-country and softball. Paige shared that the PLTW STEM programming is fun, as she especially loves exploring the engineering world. Her favorite subject is Robotics. Paige is strongly considering a career in engineering in the future!

Paige states she likes attending Cotter Junior High School because of the nice, appreciative and welcoming people she sees every day.

Teachers nominated Paige because of her improvement academically; she is kind to others and works hard in all of her classes.  Paige is also very accepting of those around her, and a fun girl with a great attitude.

10th Grade Angela Zhen is a Co-Rambler of the Month for December.  Angela is the daughter of Hao Zhen and Ran Gao of Beijing, China.

At Cotter Angela she has been involved in book club, math team, student council, SPA, speech, tennis, nordic skiing, track and field, the Foodwise program and Teen Press. She states her favorite subjects are English with Ms. Shriver and Art with Mrs. Forney.

Teachers nominated Angela because she enters class every day with a smile on her face, and she leaves every day with a "thank you." She works incredibly hard on all of her assignments, often going above and beyond what is asked. There has also been a number of occasions in class when she has helped another student who is struggling with a particular assignment. Her positive attitude exemplifies a Cotter student.

Angela shared that she enjoys living in the Cotter dorm because she gets to hang out with students from different countries, gets to learn about other cultures and everyone is very nice.

12th Grade student Christian Renk is a Co-Rambler of the Month for December.  Christian is the son of Tom and Ann Renk, and has four siblings; Grace, Joseph, Jacob, and Lauren.

At Cotter, Christian has been involved in football, basketball, show choir, choir, tennis, NHS.  His favorite subject has always been math, and he has really enjoyed his Human Biology class this year. He plans to study biology further and perhaps attend medical school in the future.

Teachers nominated Christian because he is a joy to have in class. He is cheerful, polite, positive and kind to others.  He is welcoming to everyone and fun to be around, but not in a way that distracts his classmates and teachers. Christian is always one of the first students to volunteer to help and will do anything asked of him. He is very genuine and considerate of others and those in need. He is a quiet, yet strong leader in and out of the classroom.  He works hard in school and maintains good grades while also holding a job and participating in various Cotter activities.

December Ramblers of the Month