Ramblers of the Month - December 2019

Congratulations to John Fritts, Sajida Mirzada, and Luke Broghammer for being selected as the Ramblers of the Month for December 2019! 

8th grade student John Fritts is the son of John and Tessa Fritz. He has a sister, Kendra, and a brother, Logan. They share their home with eight fish, one cat and three rabbits.  

At Cotter Junior High School, John plays the trombone in the band, and participates in cross-country, basketball, and baseball. His favorite subject is math with Ms. Hohnstadt.  

Outside of school, John loves to fish on Lake Winona, and occasionally on the Mississippi River. He serves at St. Casimir Church and when he has time, he likes to play video games.  

John is looking forward to being able to work in the Cotter Bike Lab in the future.

Teachers nominated John because he is a very good student, he is nice to everyone and he is very respectful.

10th grade student Sajida Mirzada is an international student from Afghanistan. Her parents are Mohammad Bashir and Parima Mirzada. She has five brothers and one sister.

When asked what it is like to be studing in Winona, Minnesota she said it has been wonderful, and that Winona is a “friendly and welcoming community.” She states that she is used to the colder weather, but Winona has a lot more snow!

Sajida said that she is “enjoying every minute” of her first year at Cotter. The school community is also wonderful and helpful. People respect each other at Cotter- both teachers and students alike. She said all of her classes are equally enjoyable. The extra help from teachers, if needed, is what she appreciates most of all. 

Outside of the classroom, she has enjoyed being a part of the Cotter soccer team, and appreciates the study atmosphere in the dorm. She also appreciates how other students help her with new tasks, like learning to do laundry.

Teachers nominated Sajida because she is incredibly hard working, and is very conscientious about her studies. Additionally, she is very sweet, kind, happy and has the true spirit of a Cotter

12th grade student Luke Broghammer is the son of Matthew and Laurie Broghammer and has one sibling, Sarah

At Cotter, Luke has been involved with the speech team, cross-country, track and field, Nordic skiing, choir, show choir, Music Listening Team, and Student Council. His favorite class is Political Science with Mr. Howard. 

Luke states that what he likes most about attending Cotter is “all of the opportunities available to students, and how open everyone is with each other.” The students here are always interesting and you can learn something new about a classmate every week.

After graduation, Luke plans to attend college and possibly study psychology.

Teachers nominated Luke because he is a kind person who frequently helps his classmates, and has a positive attitude.