Ramblers of the Month - January 2019

Cotter Schools’ introduced a “Culture of Positivity” theme this school year that highlights positive characteristics each month throughout the year. For the month of January, we lift up showing pride and being prepared.  Congratulations to Colleen Costello, Tess Mullen, and Jay Choi who were selected for displaying these characteristics!

Cotter Junior High School 7th grade student, Colleen “Coco” Costello, is a January Co-Rambler of the Month. She is the daughter of Michael and Stacy Costello and has two older siblings, Joseph and Megan.

At Cotter, Coco is involved in Teen Press, basketball, soccer, and plans to join track and field and the musical this spring.  She said her favorite class is Spanish.

Coco said she really likes attending Cotter Junior High School because the students “get more freedom to move around the school” and she likes having many different teachers throughout the day. She added that the hallway atmosphere is “extra friendly!”  Coco said she also enjoys being able to see her family members throughout the day. Besides her siblings, her dad, Michael, is a teacher, and her aunt, Mary Eileen Fitch, is vice principal. She also has several cousins at schools include Kathleen Klick, the academic advisor, and Grace, Gloria and Fiona Flanagan who are current students. 

Outside of school, Coco serves in her church and she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. She said that her family vacations to Door County and California are especially meaningful.

Teachers nominated her because she is an outstanding student and is always prepared for class. Her teachers describe her as thoughtful, strong willed and politely outspoken. Coco is an extremely proud young lady.

Cotter High School 9th grade student, Tess Mullen, is a January Co-Rambler of the Month. She is the daughter of Patrick and Valerie Mullen and has two siblings.

At Cotter, Tess is involved in basketball, soccer, speech, and band.  She also plays club soccer in the spring. She shared that her favorite subject is math because it has always come easy for her.

Tess said that her favorite part of attending Cotter is the “sense of community” and the great athletic opportunities. In the future, she would like to be a veterinarian.

Teachers nominated Tess because of her mature disposition, good listening skills, and her preparedness in her classes.

Cotter High School 11th grade student, Jiyong “Jay” Choi, is a January Co-Rambler of the Month. Jay is from Korea and is the son of Hyuk Choi. He has one older brother, CJ Choi.

Jay is in second year at Cotter. He said that he appreciates “the many opportunities, activities and subjects available.”  Jay said that he likes the boarding program because the rooms are spacious, and the Resident Mentors are very nice and friendly.

Jay has participated in soccer, swim team, tennis, and plans to golf this spring. His favorite subject is math, and his two favorite teachers are Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Heltemes. After graduating from Cotter, he will continue his education while attending college in China. He will also fulfill his two years of military service. 

Jay said there is one thing he wants his classmates to know about him. He, by nature, is not very outgoing. He is quiet at times. He hopes his fellow classmates know he cares about all of them.

Teachers nominated Jay because he is very kind and helpful to classmates, and he is incredibly respectful to teachers. He is very eager, open and ready to learn, and participates in class very well.