Ramblers of the Month - January 2020

Congratulations to our Ramblers of the Month for January, Joseph Row, Julia Staff and Milla Puente Infante! 

7th grade Cotter Junior High School student Joseph Row is the son of Darren and Jill Row. He has six siblings: Thomas, Rita, Mary, Michael, Peter and David.   

At Cotter Junior High, Joseph is involved in band, tennis and the math team. His favorite subject is math because he says, “it is easy to understand.” Outside of school, he likes working on his Rubik’s cube record.

Teachers nominated Joseph because he is a motivated, hardworking student who always wants to do well. He sets high expectations for himself and others. He is also very funny! 

9th Cotter High School student Julia Staff is the daughter of Nina and Nick Jones and Jeremy Staff and Kaitlyn Noelke. She has one sister, Kaitlyn. She also has five dogs, one cat, six chickens and nine ducks!   

At Cotter, she has been involved in color guard for marching band, tennis, and the school musicals. She is looking forward to joining softball this spring. Her favorite subject is chemistry because “the hands-on projects are awesome!” 

Julia states that her parents are her role models because they “are always supportive.”

When asked what she likes best about Cotter she responded, “It’s definitely the people in this school. They are nice and I have made many friends. I also really like my teachers and my classes.”

Teachers nominated Julia because she is creative, hardworking, kind, and a gentle young woman. She has a calm presence and is a good classmate.  

11th grade Cotter High School student Milla Puente Infante is the daughter of Alejandro Puente Segura and Rossi Infante. She is from San Juan Del Rio, Mexico. She has three siblings: Dannica, Antonio, and Camila.

At Cotter, Milla is involved in soccer, choir, and looks forward to being in the spring musical and possibly the math team.

Honors Chemistry is her favorite class because “it is fun to keep learning” about this subject. Her father really liked chemistry as a student and Milla thinks she gets this from him.

In her free time, Milla likes to play the guitar. She would like to start a band and audition for the Cotter talent show this winter.        

Milla said she loves attending Cotter High School because people are “really friendly and the teachers really care about their students.” She said they seem to know when students are struggling and they are there to help. “It is great that they know us so well,” she added.

When asked why she chose to attend school in Minnesota, she said that she had heard good things about this area, and actually she prefers cold weather to hot weather. (She laughingly admitted that this is a little colder than she expected!)

Teachers nominated Milla because she has a great sense of humor, provides leadership on the field of soccer and in the classroom. “She is incredibly welcoming to everyone! She has a warm personality that shines wherever she goes.”