Ramblers of the Month - March

11th grade student, Yolanda Rubio-Garcia, is from Madrid, Spain and is the daughter of Luis Rubio Astigarraga and Yolanda  Garcia Gutierrez.

Those most surprising thing Yolanda observed about America is the number of American flags that are prominently displayed. She shared, “we don’t have that many flags displayed in Spain, except during soccer.”

Her favorite classes at Cotter are chemistry, history, and English.  She especially loves the chemistry labs.

Yolanda states that she “will always remember my time at Cotter, and appreciate how small it is compared to my school in Madrid. Small is a good thing.  If you have a problem and you need help, there are always lots of people to help you.”

While at Cotter she has enjoyed being in book club, Academic World Quest, and being part of the stage crew for one act plays. She would love to give a “shout out” to her host family, the Mohans, who have warmly accepted her into their home in Winona during this school year. She would like to also give a “shout out” to Fatima Mota for being such a wonderful friend.

She said she will definitely return to America in the future, as she would like to obtain an advanced degree at an American university. She dreams of being a judge in the future.        

Teachers nominated Yolanda because she is such an enthusiastic learner, is very inquisitive, and beautifully accepting of others.

9th grade student, Macey Dvorak, is the daughter of Darryl and Kim Dvorak. She has an older sister, Delaney, and a dog, Lucy.

At Cotter, Macey has been involved in band, marching band, one-act plays, junior high musicals, and Mock Trial. She also enjoys downhill skiing in her free time.

She said she like attending Cotter because of the smaller class sizes, and she likes each and every one of her teachers. Her favorite class is band with Mr. Meurer and science with Mr. Paulson.  

In the future she would like to pursue an engineering-based career.  

Teachers nominated Macey because she is extremely respectful, attentive, and is a great student. “Macey lifts up others, and does not pull them down. She works hard and makes her class better.”

7th grade student, Ella Leaf, is the daughter of Bill and Shelly Leaf, has 1 sister, McCarthy, and a dog named, Coco. 

At Cotter, Ella is involved in band, marching band and tennis. She states her favorite classes are English and History.  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Wagner, as she is always funny and very positive.

Ella said likes going to Cotter because it is a very positive community that she gets to be a part of every day.

Teachers nominated Ella because she is a leader when it comes to moving a group forward in a positive direction. She is also not afraid of taking on responsibility. Often times in class she can be heard saying, “I'll do it!"