Ramblers of the Month - November 2019

Congratulations to Hazel Freyre, Nico Stern, and Cale Beckman for being selected as the Ramblers of the Month for November, 2019! 

7th grade student Hazel Freyre is the daughter of Roman Freyre and Natalia Israti. She has 3 siblings, Shawn, Mila, and Gabriella.

At Cotter Junior High, Hazel has participated in cross country, band, and choir. She is looking forward to joining the Cotter Bike Lab and the junior high musical in the future. Outside of school, she enjoys babysitting her little sister, Mila, and helping with the family business during the summer.

Hazel couldn’t pick just one class and stated that she “loves all of her classes and teachers equally.”

Teachers nominated Hazel because she is known to be a good friend and is always looking to do the right thing. She's compassionate, has a generous spirit and is also a disciplined student. 

9th grade student Nico Stern is the son of Trish Johnson and Paul Stern, and he has one sibling, Willow. 

Nico stated that two of his favorite classes are geometry with Mr. Mark Roeckers and science with Mr. Eric Paulsen. Nico shared that he especially likes the opportunities available to Cotter students outside of the classroom. He’s already enjoyed being part of the varsity soccer team, show choir, speech team, Bike Lab, and the fall musical. Outside of his school activities he enjoys rock climbing and playing club soccer.

Teachers nominated Nico because even though he is a new student at Cotter this year he has become a valuable and well liked member of the freshman class. He is friendly, confident, compassionate, kind and fun to be around. Nico is a strong student who earns very high marks and asks interesting questions. He works hard in class to be sure he understands the subject matter.

11th grade student Cale Beckman is the son of Dean and Debra Beckman.  He has 2 siblings, Aidan and Erica.

At Cotter, Cale has been involved in basketball, baseball, band, CCMP Urban Plunge service trips, the Student Activities Leadership Team (SALT), and is looking forward to applying for the National Honor Society in the future. Outside of school, Cale enjoys working out in Cotter’s fitness center and serving in his church. His favorite classes this year are Mrs. Mary Hansel Parlin’s morality class and calculus with Mr. Seth Haun.

Teachers nominated Cale because he has grown greatly in a leadership role, is respectful, and is a very strong student who works hard in all of his classes. He is a pleasant and mature student who leads by example.