Students Win Cargill Global Food Challenge

Congratulations to Jimin (Wendy) Bae and James Galke who recently won the Cargill Global Food Challenge! The Cargill Global Food Challenge is an economics writing and analysis competition offered through the Minnesota Council on Economic Education.  Each year, students are invited to submit reports analyzing various food issues through an economic lens.  

For this particular challenge, the Basic Economics of Food Markets, students were asked to choose a food commodity and analyze supply, demand, and price implications under various circumstances.  They analyzed both historical and modern prices to identify and interpret trends, and were expected to create a well-written report of their findings, including all relevant sources, graphs/charts, and other information.

Each year, the top two student submissions are awarded a prize.  For the 2018 contest, Cotter students Wendy and James received 1st and 2nd place, respectively. Wendy wrote her project on Avocados and James wrote his on Rice.