Winterfest Coronation Results!

This morning during an assembly we held our Winterfest coronation. Court members were selected by their classmates through a vote. At the coronation, Rowdy determined the winner by jumping out of a box. Congrautlations to King Benny Fung, Queen Gloria Flanagan, Prince Aidan Carlson, Princess Mary Hoffman, Duke Anthony Guzzo, Duchess Abree Dieterman, Lord Tate Gilbertson, and Lady Stefani Cardenas Suarez. 

Our court nominees were Gloria Flanagan, Lucy Lee, Claire Nichols, Benny Fung, Jack Gardner, Laken Macal, Mary Hoffman, Mary Morgan, Jordan Rubie, Aidan Carlon, Jay Choi, Tyler Nachtigal, Abree Dieterman, Grace Miller, Aubrey Williams, Cale Beckman, Anthony Guzzo, Edward Zhang, Stefani Cardenas Suarez, Ellie Glodowski, Alessia Velasquez Nitti, Tate Gilbertson, James Greshik, and Sichen You.