Financial Information

As a private, independent school, Cotter Schools is financially supported by a variety of sources: parent/family tuition, local tuition grants, fundraising efforts, and benefactor generosity. Providing an excellent academic education, as well as a large variety of extracurricular activities, is a significant financial commitment for all. However, Cotter Schools is committed to making “The Cotter Experience” affordable by providing tuition grants upon request.

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We recognize the commitment and sacrifice that families make to provide a Catholic education for their children and we work to meet each family’s financial need.

2017-2018 Tuition and Financial Assistance

Boarding Students

Domestic & International Boarding Costs

Contact Mrs. Mandi Olson at 507-453-5113 or email at

Cotter Connect Academy

Fee = $1,000 per student

Cotter Connect Academy (CCA) is a special two-week summer enrichment program for non- English speaking students to help the transition into American high school life while building confidence in speaking English.

Day Students

Junior High School Costs (7th-8th)

Academic Costs = $12,500

Local Tuition Grant = ($2,000)

Local Fundraising Efforts = ($4,400)

Local Endowment Funding = ($4,000)

TOTAL TUITION = $2,100 / student

High School Costs (9th-12th)

Academic Costs = $14,500

Local Tuition Grant = ($2,500)

Local Fundraising Efforts = ($4,900)

Local Endowment Funding = ($4,000)

TOTAL TUITION = $3,100 / student

FACTS - Tuition Assistance

FACTS Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment is the system we use to evaluate tuition assistance for individual local families. Tuition assistance is based on need and is awarded in late Spring of each year. Families with multiple children must go through this application to be considered for a multiple-student discount. Apply for tuition assistance.

Homestay or F1 Visa Students

Program Information

Students that want to study at Cotter through a homestay program or as a day student on an F1 visa need to contact Mrs. Mandi Olson at for tuition information.

Hiawatha Education Foundation post-secondary Scholarship

Each Cotter High School graduate is eligible for a four-year, renewable scholarship for study after high school. Students need to submit an essay along with their test scores, GPA, and list of activities and then are awarded an annual scholarship ranging from $500 to $2000/year. Over the past 25 years, the Hiawatha Education Foundation has awarded over $10 million in scholarships, resulting in thousands of dollars of aid to individual students and families.

For further information, contact:

Mrs. Pam Kimber
Director of Finance
Phone: +1.507.453.5000 ext 5012

Mrs. Mandi Olson
Director of International and Boarding Admissions
Phone: +1.507.453.5113

Mrs. Linda Schrupp
Director of Local Admissions
Phone: +1.507.453.5016