2021 Summer Opportunities

The Academic and Guidance Counseling Center will provide an ongoing list of both academic and employment summer opportunities for students. Please visit the Academic and Guidance Counseling Center if you wish to further discuss these opportunities.

HOPE Virtual Academy

The WSU Office of Equity & Inclusive Excellence is excited to announce HOPE Virtual Academy, June 21-25, 2021.  This five-day program includes sessions about higher education, areas of study, WSU’s commitment to equity & inclusive excellence, & how we prepare students for success.

HOPE Virtual Academy is designed to offer leadership training, communication and skill building activities that can help students and their families move beyond the financial, social and academic barriers –both factual and presumed– toward the realization of an engaged and successful undergraduate experience.  Although virtual for the second consecutive summer, we still intend to provide an opportunity for students to realize how intellect, integrity, courage, respect, passion, and leadership are true building blocks for future academic and personal success.

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HOPE Virtual Academy

Badger Precollege Summer Program
Badger Precollege is a summer program hosted by University of Wisconsin – Madison, to offer engaging online courses to students in grades 1-12. Each live online course meets for one to two weeks and includes high-quality educational and social content to help prepare students for the college experience — all backed by the academic reputation of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. More information.

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University of Chicago 

Emerging Rural Leaders I: Freshman: July 12-16

  • This week-long program takes place the summer between a student’s freshman and sophomore years of high school. During this program, students interested in developing their leadership skills will take part in faculty-led programming exploring different academic disciplines and opportunities across campus. Students will discuss what it means to be a leader in their communities, and engage with UChicago professors and students.
  • In order to apply, students must submit an application and a high school transcript. There is also an optional nomination form available on the website, which can be filled out by either counselors or teachers looking to support students applying to the program.  
  • The priority deadline is May 1. Students will be notified by May 15 of an admission decision.
  • For Emerging Rural Leaders I, students must be current freshmen.

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Camps at Norwich University

Are you a high-schooler looking for an adventure-filled experience that challenges you as a leader and looks great on your college resume? Consider one of several summer-camp offerings at Norwich University.

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Pratt Summer PreCollege Intensive Program

Pratt’s summer 2021 PreCollege Intensive Program provides students with an opportunity to build their art and design skills, create a portfolio of their work, and explore possibilities for study and employment in creative fields. Classes are modeled after Pratt’s undergraduate curriculum, taught by experienced faculty and alumni in order to provide students with a rich and immersive educational experience. The application-only program equips students with elective college credits accepted at Pratt and most other colleges and universities.

PreCollege programs will continue online through the summer 2021 term. Questions email precollege@pratt.edu.

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