Dress Code

VALUES: As a learning community, Cotter students and faculty have as their primary focus the academic growth of the student. Distractions such as dress, behavior, and class interruptions are to be minimized. A clear, consistently enforced dress code ensures that the focus remains on academics for all involved.

Students are to be neat, clean, modest, and respectful in their attire, reflecting a positive self-image. 

Dress Code Tops for All Students:

  • Short or long sleeve solid white, black, royal blue or navy blue polo or oxford shirt
  • Any logo must be 4’’x 4’’ or smaller
  • Solid white, black, royal blue, or navy blue crew neck, quarter-zip, v-neck or cardigan sweater or sweatshirt may be worn over the shirt.

Dress Code Pants and Shorts for All Students:

  • Solid khaki, navy or black casual dress pants (chinos, Dockers, etc.)
  • Solid khaki, navy or black casual dress shorts (knee length or slightly above)

Dress Code Skirts and Skorts for Females:

  • Solid khaki, navy or black skirt, skort (knee length or slightly above), or collared dress
  • Solid white, navy or black leggings or tights may be worn under skirts, skorts, or dresses.


  • Shoes, sandals, or boots must be worn at all times. Sandals must have a back strap.

Spirit Day Dress on Fridays:

  • Students will be allowed to wear Cotter Sports and Activities apparel tops or sweatshirts with dress code pants, shorts, skirts or skorts.

Dress-Up Days on Mass Days:

  • All-school mass days will be designated as dress-up days. Students can choose to wear dress code clothing or other clothing appropriate for worship (dresses, skirts, dress shirts, ties, etc.) Students must be neat, clean and modest in their appearance. Low-cut necklines, open backs, spaghetti straps, bare shoulders, or short shorts/skirts are not permitted.

Students may not wear jeans, sweatpants, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, athletics shorts or pants, flannel pants, other form-fitting pants, spandex shorts, hoodies, jackets, backless shoes, slippers, or any apparel with holes or rips.

Dress code clothing may be purchased from any store. 

Consequences for Dress Code Violations:

  • First Offense - Verbal warning and white card. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Second Offense - Detention. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Third Offense - Detention and meeting with Administration. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Fourth Offense - Saturday detention and fee of $20.00. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Five or more - Meeting with Student, Parents and Administration to address behavior and develop plan. Students may be asked to change clothing.