Cotter Junior High School: Grades 7-8

Cotter Junior High School consists of 7th and 8th grades. CJHS fosters the development of the whole person. We provide a safe learning environment where junior high students receive individualized instruction and attention to their needs. Each student is unique and develops in his or her own way. Our faculty and staff recognize this and develop personalized learning plans to meet each student’s needs.

While attending Cotter Junior High School, students create strong relationships with their teachers and fellow students, participate daily in hands-on activities, engage in meaningful learning that challenges and supports their current understanding, and experience highly engaged classrooms.

Our unique academic program focuses on skill develop, recognizing that this is the basis of academic success in high school. In particular, our access to technology, student-teacher ratio, community service, rigorous academic program, and experiences outside of the classroom, all support the student’s academic, spiritual, emotional and physical development.

Ultimately, we believe that the relationships that are developed within our school separate Cotter Junior High School from most schools. The closeness and camaraderie our school community strives to develop is the basis from which we educate children, and promote family values.