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Welcome to Cotter Schools


Cherished experiences of faith and community, excellence in education and attention to the individual student will continue as new opportunities emerge. Cotter Schools is–and always will be–a place where standards, values and YOU matter.

Proudly serving scholars age 16 months through grade 12 across four campuses in Winona, Minnesota.

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Ben Barrientos (5th Grade)

"Ben does his best on homework at all times, is the most giving and caring student-helping others who are struggling in any subject”

Read Story about Ben Barrientos (5th Grade)
Matthew Baumgartner (7th Grade)

“Matthew works hard in his classes. His faith is important to him, and he lives it out by how he treats everyone with kindness and respect”

Read Story about Matthew Baumgartner (7th Grade)
Claire Heiring  (9th Grade)

"Claire is a leader in the classroom, modeling how to be helpful and kind”

Read Story about Claire Heiring  (9th Grade)
Grace Renk  (11th Grade)

“Grace exemplifies all the characteristics of a Rambler by welcoming diverse perspectives, consistently applying her best efforts, and striving for improvement by receiving feedback with a growth mindset”

Read Story about Grace Renk (11th Grade)

our distinctions

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graduation rate

We're proud of our scholars who helped Cotter achieve a 100% graduation rate in 2021.

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Achieving academic success

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organizations served

We partner with organizations across the community to help better Winona, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas.

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Helping 100+

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Each year our students faithfully serve in the community.

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10,000 hours
faithfully serving

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