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Day Students
Grades 5-12

Boarding Students 
Grades 8-12

Homestay/Exchange Grades 9-12

Welcome to the "Cotter Experience!" As a Cotter student, you will become part of a community that values academics, arts, athletics, and club activities. We believe that learning and formation take place both in the classroom and beyond the classroom walls. Every person in our community works to create a truly outstanding educational experience for each student.

Notice to Winona Area Catholic School Enrollees:
If you have a current 4th, 5th, or 6th grade student at WACS, your child is preregistered for 5th, 6th, or 7th Grade at Cotter Schools. Please use the continuous enrollment button in the left menu. Then select "WACS Students Enrolling to Cotter" on the continuous enrollment page. Follow the instructions to set up your account. 

Cotter is a school community where standards, values, and YOU matter!

Academic Competitions   

Expand your academic skills outside of the classroom through several academic focused competitions including math team, mock trial team, speech team, history competitions and science fair competitions. Because we want YOU to be a more confident as you enter the world beyond high school.


Three sports seasons, fourteen athletic options and unforgettable experiences and lessons. Be part of a team, learn important life lessons and meet new people with common interests. Because we want YOU to challenge yourself physically and emotionally.


Like to read? There's a club for that (Book Club). Like to be outdoors? There's a club for that (Outdoor Club). Want to learn to knit? There's a club for that too called Parmies. Over a dozen clubs to consider - or propose your own! Because we want to connect YOU to your interests.


We provide interdisciplinary, liberal arts education integrating arts, humanities, and sciences so that you have all the knowledge and skills you need. Because we are committed to YOU being ready for college and life.

Arts & Music   

Acting, singing, art & band - be part of a long tradition of strong art and music programming. Because we believe arts will enrich YOUR life.

Community Service   

Be ready for experiences where you improve the lives of others through service and companionship. Because we believe YOU need to have a meaningful life.

Campus Boarding Program   

We have over twenty years experience with boarding and English language learners. Our boarding program gives you the chance to grow in a supportive environment with eighty other students and staff. Through a two-week orientation program called Cotter Connect Academy, we will help you become comfortable in your new home before you begin your high school journey. You may move-in as a stranger, but you leave as part of the Cotter community and Cotter family. Because we want YOU to find your home away from home while studying abroad.


Day Students

Contact Mrs. Linda Schrupp
Director of Local Admissions
Phone: +1.507.453.5016

International & Boarding Students

Contact Mr. Erik Christenson
Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: +1.507.453.5102