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I Am Cotter

Meet our Ramblers of the Month. These students were chosen by Cotter teachers & administrators for demonstrating the Cotter Core Values, as well as the Rambler Traits.

cotter core values community faith service respect

Ramblers of the Month

Silvia Martinez Bautista (Grade 5)

Silvia models to others how to show respect and love for Christ. She quietly goes about her day treating others with patience & kindness while developing a strong relationship with God.

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Jocelyn Olcott (Grade 7)

Jocelyn always thinks about others when sharing intentions for prayer. She seems very involved with her faith and often likes to discuss it in positive ways.

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Gianna Teska (Grade 9)

Gianna lives out her faith in her daily life by treating others well and by sharing her knowledge and beliefs. 

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Luke Gardner (Grade 11)

Luke authentically prays in class with good intentions for others and shows Christ-like respect for others.

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