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We're excited to be serving Early Childhood through 12th Grade

Starting July 1, 2021, Cotter Schools is expanding to offer educational opportunities from Early Childhood to 12th grade. We’re excited about what’s ahead and invite the entire community to celebrate the growth of Catholic education in Winona. Cherished experiences of faith and community, excellence in education and attention to the individual student will continue as new opportunities emerge. Cotter Schools is — and always will be — a place where standards, values and YOU matter. Check out our frequently asked questions to help answer yours.

Contact Celia Kaiser, Director of Local Admissions to learn about your options at Cotter Schools.

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Building A Community of faith

We are a community that welcomes students from across the globe, from a variety of religious perspectives and from down the street. We strive to provide all with a safe and welcoming environment where each student can flourish. 

to me being a rambler means helping others volunteering & being involved in community & having a giant cotter family
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Celebrating learning

At Cotter, students are challenged to achieve their full potential. Advanced Placement courses, honors courses, STEM courses, language courses, and multiple levels of math courses ensure that students leave fully prepared to excel in college and beyond. 

my favorite thing about school is all of the teachers are so nice and help me learn a lot.
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developing character through service

Service is a part of who we are as a Catholic school community, and it is an expectation of all of our students, faculty and staff. Students will reflect on their individual service experiences in their religion classes throughout the year.

catholic education in winona is evolving and the future is bright. starting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Catholic education in Winona is evolving, and the future has never been brighter. Starting July 1, 2021, Cotter Schools is expanding to offer educational opportunities from early childhood to 12th grade, advancing a mission that began more than 110 years ago.