Office of Mission Advancement


May 14, 2018


We have begun our final two weeks of the school year and are filled with gratitude for the abundance of gifts that make Cotter Schools such a special place. We pray:


  • In thanksgiving for the transforming power of love and in gratitude for the love we have known in our lives, especially through our participation in the Cotter Schools community ...
  • For our students, who work tirelessly throughout the school year to truly develop their full potential ...
  • For teachers, who strive by word, deed, and example to form the minds, touch the hearts, and transform the lives of their students every day ...
  • In gratitude for our school staff and administration who participate in our sacred mission by meeting the needs of our community in so many ways ...
  • For parents and guardians who are challenged every day with the joys and sorrows of raising their children while providing for their often very extended families ...
  • For our generous benefactors and friends of Cotter Schools - we are thankful for their commitment to making a difference in the lives of our students ...


Good and gracious God, guide and bless our work in these final weeks of the school year. Bless us with your Spirit and empower us to do your will at all times. We ask this in Jesus' name.  Amen.

St. Joseph, patron of Cotter Schools - pray for us.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts - forever.


Blessings on your day!





  Cotter Schools is a private, independent, coeducational school in Winona, Minnesota

  that has been guided by Catholic beliefs and values since 1911.


  As an international learning community, serving grades 7-12, we hold our students to the highest academic standards and challenge each of them to develop their full potential academically, physically, spiritually and socially.


  We believe in the intrinsic goodness of all persons, and strive to model the values of

  faith, service, and community as we encourage and support our students to become more than they can imagine.



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