Cotter schools - Facilities Rental

Cotter Schools facilities are available to our alumni, parents and community members. The Cotter Schools Facilities and Rental Guide provides you with the Cotter Schools event and field reservation process, detailing the guidelines and regulations associated with your reservation. Your compliance with these policies will help to ensure that you and your group have a safe and positive rental experience.

Any individual or group requesting the use of Cotter Schools facilities is required to provide proof of liability insurance naming Cotter Schools as an additionally insured in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 in advance of their event. Liability insurance is required whether or not a rental fee is assessed. By reserving the facility, the group shall enter into an agreement with Cotter Schools, the Board of Directors, and any agents, representatives or employees of any of these bodies, free of any liability incurred in connection with use of the facility. By reserving a facility, the group shall also bind itself to indemnify Cotter Schools for any property damages other than normal wear. Please keep in mind that requests received less than two weeks in advance do not allow enough time for the coordination of support services as demanded by Cotter Schools. Cotter Schools reserves the right to substitute facilities and/or cancel arrangements at its discretion to give preference to programs of Cotter Schools.

For initial rental or scheduling inquiries or for further information, please contact:
Anna Koopman                                             

At this time, due to COVID restrictions, our facilities rental is more restricted. Contact Anna to talk through your inquiry.