Dress Code Guidelines

Cotter Students in Grades 1-12 are required to follow the following dress code requirements.

Students at our St. Mary's Campus are not expected to following these dress code requirements. However, students are expected to take pride in the way they dress. Students are expected to dress modestly and neatly. Attire should always be suitable and appropriate for the classroom.

Please be aware that tennis shoes are required for gym class. Shorts and sandals (with socks) may be worn. Tank tops are not allowed at any time.


As a learning community, Cotter students and faculty have as their primary focus the academic growth of the student. Distractions such as dress, behavior, and class interruptions are to be minimized. A clear, consistently enforced dress code ensures that the focus remains on academics for all involved. 

Students are to be neat, clean, modest, and respectful in their attire, reflecting a positive self-image. 

consequences for dress code violations

  • First Offense - Verbal warning and white card. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Second Offense - Detention. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Third Offense - Detention and meeting with Administration. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Fourth Offense - Saturday detention and fee of $20.00. Students may be asked to change clothing.
  • Five or more - Meeting with Student, Parents and Administration to address behavior and develop plan. Students may be asked to change clothing.


Students may not wear jeans, sweatpants, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, athletics shorts or pants, flannel pants, other form-fitting pants, spandex shorts, hoodies, jackets, backless shoes, slippers, or any apparel with holes or rips.

Cotter Dress Code Shopping Guide

We asked a few current students and parents about their favorite shopping spots and dress code appropriate clothing items. Here are the results! 

Looking to buy or sell Cotter Dress Code Clothing? Check out this facebook page.