Main Square Montessori FAQ

Who will Main Square Montessori serve?
Main Square Montessori (MSM) will have two classrooms: a toddler room, serving children 18 months to 3 years (max. 12 students), and a Children’s House, serving children 3 years to 6 years (max. 30 students). MSM seeks to serve specifically young children with limited access to services and early childhood educational opportunities.

Is Main Square Montessori a private school?
MSM is a non-profit, independent Montessori learning community with limited enrollment.

Will scholarships be available?
Yes, the Hiawatha Education Foundation is committed to providing scholarships for families in the Winona area.

Who will be eligible to apply for scholarships?
Criteria for scholarships will be based on:

  • Financial Need
  • Availability.  Scholarships are limited.

When will Main Square Montessori open?
Main Square Montessori plans on opening in August, 2019.

How can I enroll my child at Main Square Montessori?
Specific enrollment information is not currently available, but will be available in early 2019.  If you are interested in receiving enrollment information, email Jacque Paulsen at

How is Main Square Montessori affiliated with Cotter Schools?
In 2018, the Hiawatha Education Foundation (HEF) approached Cotter Schools about its willingness to oversee the creation, development, and ongoing oversight of a Montessori school in Winona.  Cotter agreed, and a partnership between HEF and Cotter Schools was formed to establish Main Square Montessori.

  • HEF is providing the financial backing for MSM, which includes: construction of the building, furnishings, scholarships for teachers and students, and operational reimbursement.
  • Cotter is providing the organizational oversight, e.g., hiring of professional employees, budgetary and fiscal oversight, and management of day to day operations.

The partnership allows HEF and Cotter Schools to provide high quality education for Winona’s youngest citizens that builds a foundation for the full development of each child’s potential.

Is Main Square Montessori a Catholic school?
Main Square Montessori is grounded in the spiritual and educational philosophy of Maria Montessori and welcomes all children.

Main Square Montessori seeks to provide an environment in which all children, especially those who begin with fewer advantages, can flourish, grow, and become all they can be.