Cotter Auction

Thank you to all who donated, volunteered, and attended the auction! We proudly continued the 40 year tradition of supporting our students!

Thank you to our sponsors!

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The Cotter Auction is our largest fundraiser, and an essential event supporting our mission at Cotter Schools!

On April 27, 2019, Cotter Schools celebrated their 40th Annual Cotter Auction. Many attendees dusted off their letter jackets and wore blue to show their school spirit for this year’s theme “Blast From The Past.” Cotter Schools’ parents, alumni, and supporters filled the gym and participated generously in all the events to raise $225,000 for Cotter’s programs and educational opportunities.

The highlight of the evening was when parents, alumni, and staff raised their paddles and reached this year's ambitious goal of $100,000 for the Technology Fund-a-Need. Students and faculty will benefit from these efforts next school year with new one-to-one devices and work stations.

Cotter Schools is extremely grateful for the support of the Cotter Community and their willingness to continue the tradition of supporting the student’s needs.

On Saturday, April 27, 2019 we pulled 40 CASH Prizes. Congratulations to the 2019 Cotter Auction Raffle winners. 

$2000 Grand Prize Winner: Jason Rusert

$1000 Prize Winner: Barb Marg

$500 Prize Winner: Lori McCaulley

$300 Prize Winner: Dan Cada

$200 Prize Winner: Maggie Quinn

35 $100 Prize Winners: Mike Arnold, Henry "Van" McConnon (5), Martin Stickney, Dana Christensen, Dennis Brom, Dan Hartert, Monica Mohan, Carolyn Hoffman, Tom Speltz, Tim Beier, Shelly Meier, Casey Burke, John Mulyck, Sarah Schrupp, James Srnec, Gina McRae, John Kuklinski, Cathy Kertzman, Jodi McGlaun, Michael Dolan, Bruce Nicklay, Vicki Thrune, Doug Stokes, Rock Arnoldy, Jamie Tesch, Stephanie Vargas, Kent Myers, Mark Thein, Rosy Byron, Kathy Meyer, and Wilfried & Sue Hahn

Thank you to all who took part in this year's raffle!


40 years ago a group of Cotter parents recognized the need for annual fundraising to help cover the expenses of running a school that go above and beyond the tuition costs.  The group worked to unite the entire Cotter community for a night of fun and fundraising. In that first auction, they achieved success in raising just under $20,000! An impressive amount for the first year and in 1980 dollars.