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Dress Code

Cotter Students in Kindergarten-Grades 12 are required to follow the following dress code requirements.

Students at St. Nicholas Hall are not expected to follow these dress code requirements. The children should be dressed neatly and appear ready for a day filled with learning and play.  All clothing should be the appropriate size, cover undergarments at all times, and be in good repair; free of holes, rips or tears.  Shorts may be worn, weather permitting.   A pair of shorts should be worn under dresses or skirts year-round.   Shoes or sandals (no flip-flops), with socks, should be worn at all times.  

Tank tops/sundresses are not allowed at any time during the school year. Please wear shorts under dresses/skirts.


As a learning community, Cotter students and faculty have as their primary focus the academic growth of the student. Distractions such as dress, behavior, and class interruptions are to be minimized. A clear, consistently enforced dress code ensures that the focus remains on academics for all involved. 

Students are to be neat, clean, modest, and respectful in their attire, reflecting a positive self-image. 


Students may not wear jeans, sweatpants, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, athletics shorts or pants, flannel pants, other form-fitting pants, spandex shorts, hoodies, jackets, backless shoes, slippers, or any apparel with holes or rips. Hats and sports caps are not allowed to be worn during the school day.

The Cotter Closet

The Cotter Closet, a student-operated store, is located in St. Teresa Hall at 1115 W. Broadwater (enter through Door A). We offer a wide range of products including new dress code items, spirit wear, toys, gifts, water bottles, baby items, and more. Visit us in person or shop online!

the cotter closet