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English Language Learners

Part of what makes Cotter Schools an international learning community are the students who travel from all over the world to become Ramblers! Currently, we have students from 14 different countries. As a result, students have a wide variety of native languages, but all students receive instruction in English while attending Cotter Schools.

Our ESL (English as a Second Language) program allows for our teachers to instruct the students, regardless of their native language, by speaking to them and teaching them in English. Students are tested (using the WIDA model) when they arrive at Cotter, and based on their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are placed in an ESL or grade-level English class. We offer ESL 1, II, III and Transitional English classes. Students in these classes will receive at least one (1) period per day of instruction in the English language. Students who are proficient or near proficiency will be placed in grade-level appropriate English classes.

Students who may need additional language development may be assigned to the language lab before school. Additionally, students who need general academic help or additional assistance while navigating high school in a non-native language can access the resources in the Learning Center as well.

Our goal is to support all students and help all students reach their potential. We consider all students to be special and essential in making Cotter Schools a wonderful place to learn and grow.