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Residence Guidelines

Here you will find a typical daily schedule of life in the Cotter Residence Hall.


The typical school day for a boarding student will provide for spiritual, physical, and mental growth. The daily schedule is as follows:

7:30AM - 8:30AM Breakfast

8:45AM - 3:20PM School Day

3:20PM - 5:45PM After school study time, athletics, activities, and free time.

6:00PM - 6:45PM Dinner

Open Gym & Cotter Fitness Center Available

Evening Study Tables

10:00PM Gaming capability turned off

10:00PM Curfew

11:00PM Lights Out & Internet Capability Off (Sunday - Thursday or school nights)

Clean room checks are done once a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The expectation is clothes are in the closet or dressers and garbage/recycling has all been taken out to garbage and recycling bins provided on each floor.

The third Wednesday of the month is our required floor meetings at 9:30PM held in floor lounges.