Student Life

The best school program for junior high and high school students is a balanced one with time for studies and activities. Multiple kinds of student sports and activities are available at Cotter to meet individual interests and abilities. The student who participates in a sport or activity can learn the important lessons of how to get along and work with others, to share, to sacrifice, and to grow into a well-rounded person.Cotter encourages its students to participate in student co-curricular activities.


Three sports seasons, fourteen athletic options and unforgettable experiences and lessons. Be part of a team, learn important life lessons and meet new people with common interests. Because we want YOU to challenge yourself physically and emotionally.

Clubs & Activities   

Like to read? There's a club for that (Book Club). Like to be outdoors? There's a club for that (Outdoor Club). Want to learn to knit? There's a club for that too called Parmies. Over a dozen clubs to consider - or propose your own! Because we want to connect you to your interests.

Band & Choir   

Cotter High School and Junior High School have a long tradition of outstanding instrumental and vocal music ensembles. There are several ensembles that students may participate in and all students are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Faith & Community   

Cotter Schools Campus Ministry exists in support of the core values of our community: faith, achievement, character and community. Rooted in our Catholic tradition we embrace people of diverse faith perspectives and beliefs as we work to help all students grow in experience and understanding of faith, service and community.