Clubs & Activities


SPA (Students Promoting Awareness) - This group focuses on student-led concerns. The focus varies from year to year. The group addresses the issues of concern and then come up with creative ideas to help with the causes.

Advisor: Mrs. Mary Hansel-Parlin


Parmies (Prayer Armies Knitting Group) - This group of high school students meets during lunch each week and knit scarves, prayer shawls and hats for those in need. Each handmade item is prayed over by the group, and a prayer card is sent with the gift to those in need.

Advisor: Mrs. Mary Hansel-Parlin

Photography Club

Photography Club - This club is for high school students who enjoy taking photos. There is a Fall show on display during the Fall Musical (St. Cecilia Foyer). A Spring Show is organized as it works with the group’s schedule and level of interest.

Advisor: Mary Hansel-Parlin

Running Club

Running Club - This club meets during the Winter months and is open to both junior high and senior high students. This club meets after school and runs around the lakes, up Garvin Heights, and around Prairie Island.

Advisor: Mr. Tom Reigstad

Book Club

Book Club - Book club is an opportunity for you to read the newest YA fiction and discuss it with others in a casual atmosphere. If you enjoy reading new material with varying genres and are open to discussing ideas and opinions, this is the club for you. The club meets every two weeks during lunch and average about a book every three months. All books read are chosen and voted on by the group.

Advisor: Ms. Emily Shriver

Chess Club

Chess Club - Students will learn and test strategies playing Chess. Competitions will be held throughout the school year.

Advisor: Yet to be determined.

Math Team

Math Team - There is a Jr. High Math Team as well as a High School Math Team. The teams meet weekly to practice math problems and take part in mini lessons for new topics. The team competes in meets throughout the school year.

High School Advisor: Ms. Sandra Hohnstadt

Jr. High Advisor: Yet to be determined

Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club - Yearbook is a fantastic way to meet new friends and express yourself creatively. We meet throughout the year during flex periods on a semi weekly basis. During this time you will be trained in how to use the Jostens Design Program and then partner up with a club-mate to design a yearbook spread that you can work on during our meeting times or at home. You also have the opportunity to help out with many other yearbook related tasks including promotions, photography, sales, editing, and distribution.

Junior High Advisor: Ms. Ali Wagner

Senior High Advisor: Ms. Emily Shriver

National Honor Society

National Honors Society (NHS) - Cotter students are invited to apply if they are at least a 2nd Semester sophomore, junior, or senior student with 3.5 GPA. If accepted they are inducted to the organization at our annual leadership prayer service in the Spring.

Advisor: Marisa Corcoran

Student Council

Student Council - The student council is open to students of all grades. It manages various events and student interests throughout the academic year.

Advisor: Sr. Judy Schaefer

Speech Team

Speech Team - Speech Team consists of individual student performances that are scored by judges at competitive events. Students can earn individual awards and the team can also earn an award based on cumulative scores. Speech Team develops students' skills in speaking, leadership, research, writing, analytical thinking, and creative self-expression. Speech helps students to express themselves critically and creatively, clearly and persuasively, and with confidence. If you are interested in being a part of the speech team in 2018 or to attend our summer camp (explore what speech is or get a jump start on the next season), use the link below to register!



One Act Play & Spring Play - Students perform a set of one act plays in the Spring. The plays tend to run 45 minutes or less, but can contain multiple scenes. Students audition and perform the plays in the St. Cecilia Theatre.

Advisor: Mr. Mark Roeckers

Outdoor Club

Outdoor Club - High school students will experience the outdoors in a variety of new and interesting ways throughout the school year.

Advisor: Mrs. Marie Barrientos

Mock Trial

Mock Trial - Is a competitive program open to high school students. The team practices roles in both prosecuting and defending a criminal case as well as understanding witness testimony. Interested students should have a passion for acting, public speaking, or debate. Competition occurs between schools along with regional and state competitions as well.

Advisor: Mr. Evan Howard


Journalism - The Cotter Chronicle is the student newspaper for Cotter High School. “The Chronicle,” as it is referred to by students and faculty, is an online newspaper with new stories being published as they happen.

Read our student's latest stories!

Advisor: Mr. Mike Costello

History Day

History Day- History Day involves students creating a project related to a particular theme. Students choose a topic that they want to research and create a project. The project can be an exhibit, a website, documentary, performance, or essay. Students create their project and write a short accompanying paper. The school approves projects to go to the regional competition at WSU in March, where they can compete for the opportunity to go to the State competition at the U of M in late April.

Advisor: Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson

Model Legislature

Model Legislature - This event gathers middle school, high school and college students from the surrounding area to write, sell and vote for bills for their state. The event is a chance for students to learn the state government process — by participating in a mock government.

Advisor: Mr. Evan Howard


Musicals (High School and Junior High School) - High School students audition, rehearse and perform a musical production in the late Fall. Jr. High students are joined by St. Stan’s Middle School students in the Spring to collaborate for a musical production of their own. The shows are open to the public and performed in St. Cecilia Theater.

Advisor: Mr. Mark Roeckers

Music Listening

Music Listening - This group listens to classical music and gains skills to name the song and composer of the piece. Members are placed in teams of three and compete against other schools. Contests involve identifying classical music, global perspectives and a variety of musical influences.

Advisor: Mrs. Cathy Snyder