National Catholic Youth Conference

National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) is an exciting, three-day experience of prayer, community, and empowerment. 

Every other year Catholic teenagers in grades 9-12  will meet in Indianapolis, IN in November of 2019. Approximately 25,000 young people and chaperones gather for the event. The conference includes keynote addresses and smaller workshop sessions with Catholic speakers addressing a wide variety of topics relevant to teens. There are also many opportunities for prayer, Mass, service projects, concerts, vendors, etc. - all different avenues to speak to young people to encourage and develop their faith!

If you've never heard of NCYC before, here is a very brief video that provides an overview, or read articles from the Cotter Chronicle from the NCYC trips in 2015 and 2017

Cotter students have been attending NCYC for many years now. Hear from a student, a parent and a staff member about their experiences of NCYC:

"My experience at NCYC was both exactly as I had expected it to be, and also something totally different than I expected, but in a good way!  I had talked to many people about NCYC before I went, so I kind of knew what to expect at the stadium and at the conference center during the three days, but what totally caught me off guard was how packed and fun filled the days were.  There was so much to do every day and there were always new people to get to know.  Not only is it a blast, but after NCYC I also felt very strong in my relationship with God.  Getting to receive Communion and have Eucharistic Adoration with thousands of other Catholics teens was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences of my life.  The concerts are so much fun, and I definitely recommend going down to the floor and dancing!  You also get to see the downtown a couple of times when you go out for lunch or dinner, but don't forget warm clothes cause it got a bit chilly last year! All in all, it is such a fun way for young Catholics to grow stronger in your faith and have a ton of fun for three whole days! " - Ella Reilly, 12th grade Cotter student.

"I wanted to reach out to other parents just to affirm from a parent standpoint, for those who have never had a child go – let me tell you it is an AWESOME experience.  Sam (our oldest) went once his Junior year with his brothers, Jake, Noah, and David as freshman.  The triplets loved it so much they went again in 2015. My daughter is planning to go next year. Consider doing this – it’s such a great experience!" - Amy French, Cotter parent.

"I've been so blessed to be able to chaperone the last two National Catholic Youth Conferences with our Cotter students. Everyone gains something different, but overall, there is an amazing feeling of being in a stadium with 25,000 other young Catholics and their chaperones.  I believe that each person walks away with a better understanding of their faith, practical ways to deepen their prayer life, and the recognition that God loves us so much and desperately wants to be in a  relationship with us.  I wish every Cotter students could attend this conference!"  -  Mrs. Corcoran, Cotter Campus Minister

This NCYC trip is coordinated through Julie Fitzgerald at Saint Mary's Parish with Mrs. Corcoran as our Cotter liaison. There is a cost for the trip - last year, it was $550 per person, but there are also many opportunities to fundraise with the local parishes over the next year. 

Please contact Mrs. Corcoran with any questions or concerns. Please take time to pray about this amazing opportunity. Those who've attended in the past have had wonderful, life-changing things to share about their experience.