"Truly I tell you, just as you did for it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me." - Matthew 25:40

Service is a part of who we are at Cotter. We are each called to serve the marginalized, the forgotten, the refugee, the lost. Service is an expectation of all of our students, faculty and staff at Cotter. As a community we respond to this call, especially through campus ministry. Each student is required to complete 10 hours and 2 different experiences of community service each semester. The goal of this requirement is that our students build relationships with the Winona community and grow in understanding of the responsibility we all share to lift up those in need and work for a world build on justice.

The Office of Campus Ministry continually offers opportunities for service.

Student Volunteer Opportunities Community Service Ideas


Cotter’s Cross Cultural Ministry Project (CCMP) is a service and mission trip program that was founded in 1995 by former Cotter Schools President Jim Devine. The purpose of CCMP experiences is to allow high school students to experience new cultures while providing service with a Christian focus. Types of service provided by our students include volunteering at a food pantry or childcare center, soup kitchen assistance, outdoor cleanup, and general home repair. Each year, several service trip options are available for our students. In recent years, these options have included:

  • Weekend urban plunge immersion trips to Minneapolis/St. Paul or Milwaukee
  • One-week summer mission trips to Chicago, New Orleans, Benton Harbor, MI, or Kansas City, MO

For further information on 2017-2018 CCMP opportunities, contact Marisa Corcoran.