Many photos were taken during Winterfest week. We've set up a google photo album. Feel free to save or download any photos you'd like. More photos will be added after Saturday's event.


Dress up Days

Monday - Monochromatic Monday
Class colors - each class dresses in a color (Winner chosen from grades 5-8 and grades 9-12. Winners chosen based on participation & creativity. Winning grade will receive a treat during lunch.

  • 5th grade - Green
  • 6th grade - Black
  • 7th grade - Orange
  • 8th grade - Yellow
  • Freshmen - Purple
  • Sophomores - Grey
  • Juniors - White
  • Seniors - Red
  • Teachers & staff - Blue

Tuesday - Twin/Squad Day
Dress up with friends, many friends, or the whole grade

Wednesday - Winning Wednesday
While we are not in session, any high schooler coming out for the activity could wear sports gear.

Thursday - Throwback Thursday
Dress in your favorite decade

Friday - Film Friday
Dress as your favorite character from a book, movie or play

Dates: February 22-26

Activities going on throughout the week:

Friday, February 19
Announce Winterfest Court over the PA system

Wednesday, February 24 from 1-3 p.m.
Outdoor wintertime fun gathering for 9-12th grades at Lake Park: catered hot chocolate, boot hockey, outdoor games, scavenger hunt, music, and hot chocolate. Signed consent form required. Masks are mandatory. Parent volunteers needed!

Friday, February 26 Coronation
During Lunch/Break Time live coronation via zoom for all classrooms. Students on court are invited to join us in the theatre, social distancing.

Saturday, February 27 at 8-10 p.m.
Evening Full Moon Hike at Holzinger Lodge for Juniors and Seniors. Hike will be led by Park & Rec staff. Fire pits, music, hot chocolate, and  cookies available. Signed consent form required. Masks are mandatory. Parent volunteers needed!

Rock/Paper/Scissors Battle for 5th-8th graders during lunch/break. Finale will be Thursday at 11:15 in the JNR Commons.

Throughout the week students are encouraged to bring in hygiene products for the Bethany House. More details here!

Winterfest Court

The Winterfest Court nominees were voted on by our Cotter faculty and staff. Three boys and three girls from each 9-12 grade were nominated based on who represents the core values of Faith, Community, Learning, Service, and Character.  Coronation will be held on Friday, February 26.

Learn more about our court nominees!

9th Grade Nominees

Lord Lady
Ryan Cichosz Bethany Finngean
John Fritts Lilianna Herber
Lucas Wooden Emma McRaith


10th Grade Nominees

Duke     Duchess
Spencer Briggs Ella Leaf
Carver Heiring Olivia Moore
Steven Pilarski Grace Renk


11th Grade Nominees

Prince     Princess
Ben Brown Megan Costello
James Greshik Alison French
Cam Meier Ellie Glodowski


12th Grade Nominees

King     Queen
Colin Cada Freya Brandvik
Jordan Rollinger Macey Dvorak
Edward Zhang Elaine Zehr