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Basketball - Boys

Welcome to the Cotter Boys Basketball Program

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Step into the dynamic world of Cotter Boys Basketball, where every bounce of the ball echoes with the legacy of champions and the heartbeat of our community. Here, we don't just play the game; we embody it with a fierce determination and an unwavering commitment to excellence. From the thunderous applause to the silent intensity of the court, we channel our passion into every moment, forging bonds that transcend wins and losses. Whether you're a seasoned supporter, a prospective player eager to carve your own path, or simply captivated by the allure of our journey, we invite you to immerse yourself in the spirit of Cotter Boys Basketball.

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Meet the Coaches

Michael Costello

Michael Costello

English Teacher, Varsity Coach Cross Country & Boys Basketball
Mathias OBrien

Mathias OBrien

Activities Director, Coach Football, Boys Basketball and Baseball