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Learn About Co-Op

Cotter Schools co-ops with the Winona Senior High School to offer our students several athletic opportunities. Cotter is grateful for the co-op activities we are able to offer our students with Winona Senior High School. 

  • Participants will pay the Dist. 861 registration fee, which for 2023-2024 was $160 for students in grades 9-12 and $80 for students in grades 7-8. This registration can be done on the Dist. 861 website
  • Co-op students in grades 9-12 will pay a co-op fee, which will be charged to their FACTS account after they have participated in their first competition. This fee will be based on the amount Cotter was billed from Dist. 861 the previous year. Cotter is not billed for grades 7-8 students so no additional fee will be assessed to those participants. 

  • Co-op fees will not exceed $500 for a given season/sport. Example: If the co-op fee to play a given sport is $750 the family will be billed $500. If the fee to play a sport is $335 the family will be billed $335. If a student participates in more than one co-op sport they will incur an additional registration fee and co-op fee for that sport.

WSHS Athletics

Cotter offers a co-op opportunity for students who do not attend a public school. Cotter values the relationships with our co-op partners, and we feel that all of our students have benefitted from the partnership. Providing these opportunities for our students is vital to their
development. Obviously, this comes at a great financial commitment. Roughly $500 of the overall tuition paid by Cotter families goes to help supplement our Activities program.

  • An annual $500 Activity Co-op fee will be assessed for each registered participant enrolled at a co-op partner school. The annual fee is intended to match the tuition supplement that Cotter families are currently paying to support the Activities program.
  • Inbound co-op families will continue to pay the $120 registration fee per sport. For example, if an inbound student plays volleyball and softball the total cost for this student would be $740 ($500 annual co-op fee + $120 volleyball registration + $120 softball registration).
  • Registration fees for each sport will be billed from Cotter to the families and will be paid directly to Cotter. The annual co-op fee will be billed to the co-op partner school.