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Welcome to the Cotter Girls Soccer Program

Welcome to the world of soccer excellence, where we embrace the passion, skill, and teamwork that define our Girls Soccer Program. From the electrifying cheers of goals scored to the artistry of our strategies, we embody excellence in every aspect of our sport. Join us as we explore our rich history, intense matches, and bright futures within the Cotter Girls Soccer program. Experience the pride of being part of our esteemed tradition and witness the determination that propels us toward success. Whether you're a dedicated supporter, an aspiring player eager to join our team, or simply intrigued by our journey, we extend a warm invitation to immerse yourself in the excitement of Cotter Girls Soccer. Let's kick, persevere, and triumph together as we embark on this thrilling journey to victory!

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Meet the Coach

Diego Barros Dos Santos

Diego Barros Dos Santos

Director of Residential Life, Varsity Coach Girls Soccer