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Advent Service Project: Caring for the Kings

For one of our advent service projects, we’d like to support one of our teachers here at Saint Mary’s, and we could really use your help. Mrs. King is one of our preschool and educator teachers. Her family has been under a lot of stress this fall following her husband Ryan’s diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. Each classroom will have a decorated can used to collect donations during advent. The money will be given to the King family to help with travel expenses due to medical appointments or other needs that arise while they meet the medical needs of Mrs. King‘s husband Ryan. Our collection for the Kings will run from November 29-December 17 and we hope are St. Mary’s families will help us fill our donation cans to help show Mrs. King and her family how much we care. Let's show Mrs. King as much love as she shows the students and families she works with each day!

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