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Cotter Schools Celebrates the Achievements of the Graduating Class of 2024

Cotter Schools Celebrates the Achievements of the Graduating Class of 2024

Cotter Schools proudly announces the graduation of the Class of 2024, a group of exceptional students who have demonstrated remarkable academic, artistic, and athletic accomplishments. This year's graduating class consists of 75 students, each of whom has contributed significantly to the Cotter community and beyond. These students have shown dedication and perseverance, navigating their high school years through unprecedented global challenges with resilience and determination.

The commencement speaker was Sarah (Marek) Landman from the Cotter Class of 2000. Sarah is the Executive Vice President of Insightful Philanthropy. In addition to Sarah’s commencement speech, the ceremony included speeches from valedictorian, Ranelle Martinson and salutatorian and Student of the Year, Audrey England, as well as performances by the Cotter Choir and Band.

Congratulations to the Cotter Class of 2024. Best of luck in your future endeavors and welcome to our Cotter Alumni family. Class members include:

Griffin Albrecht, Jessica Beguin, Sophia Behnke, Brett Biesanz, Finn Blagborne, Aaliyah Breza, James Bublitz, Knut Jackson Cada, Sophia Carlson, Ryan Cichosz, Colleen Costello, Dorthea D'Antonio, David Doherty, Michal Dubek, Hilary Duellman, Audrey England, Elliot Fitzgerald, Alejandra Franco, John Fritts, Abbey Gardner, Luke Gardner, Victoria Glasspoole, Jonathan Going, Lyudmila Goodwin, Carl Hardin, William Hardy, Oscar Heckman, Lilianna Herber, Elizabeth Hinz, Hanalei Hocum, Mary Hoeger, Elizabeth Hoesley, Holden Huber, Riley Huntley, Tamara Ilic, Sari Johnson, Kaitlyn Jones, Ava Killian, Ayanna King, Patience King-Henke, Yusuf Kuklinski, Mckenna Laschenski, Thao Mai Le, Daisy Liao, Savanna Loken, Parker Lorenz, Taiya Gilbertson, Ranelle Martinson, Alexander Matuska, Jude McGroarty, Emma McRaith, Ashlee Modjeski, Annie Modjeski, Angelina Morrell, Roberto Adrián Pérez Ordaz, Jonathan Pratt, Camila Puente Infante, Amy Remoticado, River Repinski, Josselyn Rolfson, Milana Shira, Alexander Slaggie, Jack Schultz, Eva Stango, Ava Stender, Gabriel Stewart, Tyler Sturm, Hannah Theobald, Julia Tienter, Ethan Tober, Jase Vafaei, John Vail, Ondrej Vitasek, Lucas Wooden, Mason Zenke


Cotter Schools Celebrates the Achievements of the Graduating Class of 2024
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