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The Naming of St. Luke Hall

The Naming of St. Luke Hall

Cotter Schools – St. Luke Hall

In naming the elementary building, Cotter Schools’ sought to align the name of the building with a saint whose values and themes were consistent with the mission and identity of our school, and whose name was not already identified with a building in the Winona area. St. Luke seemed a wonderful fit.

St. Luke the Evangelist

St. Luke is believed to be the author of the Gospel that bears his name as well as the Acts of the Apostles. He was a close friend and follower of St. Paul. Their mission together was to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Luke was born in Antioch, Syria, of a prosperous Greek family. He was a Gentile who came to know Jesus as the Lord and Savior of all. In his writings, Luke shows

great sensitivity to the evangelization of all persons – God’s Kingdom is open to all. Themes throughout Luke’s writing include the power of prayer, forgiveness, love for the poor, and hope in God’s mercy for all.

St. Luke can be understood as a promoter of both the arts and the sciences. He was a physician, a fine painter, and a gifted writer. He had high regard for the values of faith, respect, and community.

May Cotter Schools continue to be inspired by St. Luke and remain rooted in the preaching and teaching of Jesus.

St. Luke, pray for us.

The Naming of St. Luke Hall
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