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Engineering Team Clinches Grand Championship

Engineering Team Clinches Grand Championship

The 2024 Engineering Machine Design Challenge witnessed a thrilling showcase of mechanical ingenuity and innovation, and standing tall amidst the competition was Cotter's engineering team, The Brainiacs. Coached by Mr. Eric Paulsen and comprised of junior high students Mateo Doerr, Clay Cagle, Gavin Slavey, Will Stier, and Ifraz Mohmed, The Brainiacs embarked on a journey of creativity and collaboration that culminated in a resounding victory at the championship event.

Since October, The Brainiacs have been immersed in the intricate process of conceptualizing, constructing, and fine-tuning their chain reaction contraption, affectionately dubbed a "Rube Goldberg machine." Meeting twice a week, and some Saturday sessions, the team diligently brainstormed ideas, prototyped designs, navigated technical challenges, and documented their progress with enthusiasm.

Their hard work and determination paid off as The Brainiacs secured a coveted spot in the tri-state championship after clinching 1st place in the regional competition last March. The championship, held at Rochester Community Technical College on April 19, showcased 27 teams from Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, with each vying for top honors across various categories. Coach Eric Paulsen shared, “The five very capable members of this team figured out how to draw upon and utilize the unique talents and skills that they all possess. These students were able to sweep the competition because they worked hard and they worked as a team the whole way.”

The Brainiacs emerged as the undisputed champions of the event, sweeping multiple categories with their exceptional performance. Notably, the team earned the prestigious "Best Journal" award with a flawless score. Their machine, distinguished by its precision and seamless design, was rightfully bestowed the title of "Most Seamless Design."

In addition to their engineering finesse, The Brainiacs dazzled the judges with their impeccable presentation skills, clinching 1st place for their compelling pitch. Ultimately, their collective achievements culminated in The Brainiacs being crowned as the "Grand Champion," securing 1st place overall in the fiercely competitive event.

Cotter's engineering team, under the banner of The Brainiacs, has not only showcased their exceptional talent but also exemplified the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and perseverance. Their triumph stands as a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineering leaders.


Engineering Team Clinches Grand Championship
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