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October Ramblers of the Month

Martha is the daughter of Ania and James and has one sister. Martha is involved in Karate, has spent time learning ballet, and enjoys reading, art, and rollerblading. Her favorite subjects are Art and Science. Martha enjoys the community at Cotter, the clean buildings and classrooms, and that she is close to MCA where she attends after school activities. A teacher shared that “Martha and the word respect go hand-in-hand with each other. She is respectful of her teachers, her peers, as well as her property and the items that belong to the school.”

Jaxson is the son of Rita and Keith. He has 6 siblings, including James, a senior at Cotter. Jaxson enjoys the friendly people at Cotter. He appreciates that his classes seem more advanced and challenging and values his teacher, whom he said were the best he has ever had. Jaxson’s favorite classes are History and Math. In his free time, Jaxson loves playing soccer and relaxing at home. He was nominated as Rambler of the month, because he is respectful to teachers and to other students. Jaxson “is kind to everyone and treats everyone the same.”

Maddie is the daughter of Nick and Kristina. She has one sister, Charlotte, a 7th grader at Cotter. Maddie enjoys the extracurriculars at Cotter, especially Speech and Debate. She enjoys the whole Cotter community, especially the teachers. Maddie’s favorite classes are History, Spanish, and Band. In her free time Maddie enjoys playing soccer, practicing the trombone, hanging out with friends and traveling. Teachers nominated Maddie as Rambler of the month because "she is not only respectful in class, but also in the hallways and sporting events. She works hard to incorporate the values of Cotter into her life."

Elise is the daughter of Nicholas and Jennifer. Elise has a sister Madeline, a 9th grader at Cotter, and a younger brother. Elise likes the people at Cotter and that the teachers are so willing and eager to help. Elise enjoys Chemistry and AP English. In her free time she enjoys traveling, watching movies, star gazing, and loves to read. She is also involved with the Show Choir and Student Council. Teachers nominated Elise as Rambler of the month, because “she treats all of her classmates with respect and patience. She exhibits respect for learning in her attention and efforts in class, which serve as excellent examples to her peers.”

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