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Repinski and Taylor Earn Spot at NSDA National Tournament

Repinski and Taylor Earn Spot at NSDA National Tournament

The National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) Southern District Tournament, held at Woodbury and Eagan High Schools on March 8th and 9th, witnessed an unprecedented achievement in the history of the Cotter Speech Program. For the first time, Cotter proudly announces the qualification of not one, but two exceptional speakers for the 2024 NSDA National Tournament in Iowa, slated for June. This remarkable feat underscores the talent, dedication, and relentless effort of our students and coaching staff.

River Repinski and Kayleigh Taylor emerged as the shining stars of the program, qualifying in Humorous and Drama categories respectively. Their outstanding performances at the Southern District Tournament have earned them a coveted spot at the NSDA National Tournament, widely regarded as the Super Bowl of speech tournaments. It's worth noting that the journey to qualification for the NSDA tournament is incredibly challenging, making this achievement all the more significant.

This milestone also marks another turning point for the program, reinforcing its commitment to excellence in speech and debate. In the past, they have seen notable achievements, including Hunter Ramsden ('20) qualifying via his resume during the Covid shutdown and participating in the 2020 online version of the tournament. Additionally, Hailey Biesanz ('22) secured qualification in Congressional Debate for the 2021 tournament, adding to the legacy of the program.

As Cotter celebrates this historic accomplishment, they would like to express their gratitude to their students, coaching staff, parents, and supporters whose unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in this journey. The entire Cotter Community looks forward to cheering on River Repinski and Kayleigh Taylor as they represent the Cotter Speech Program at the NSDA National Tournament in June.

Repinski and Taylor Earn Spot at NSDA National Tournament
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