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Triple 'A' Award

Academics, Arts and Athletics
The Academics, Arts, and Athletics Award, commonly known as the Triple 'A' Award, honors high school seniors throughout the state who have a 3.0 or higher-grade point average and who participate in League-sponsored athletic and fine arts activities.  

While all schools have many deserving students, the "ideal" nominee is one who has achieved academic excellence and, at the same time, put forth the time and effort to participate in League-sponsored athletic programs and fine arts/activity.

At Cotter, we are blessed to have many ideal candidates. So much so, that it is difficult to select just one award winner from Cotter. That is why, at Cotter, we recognize three outstanding seniors as finalists for the award. Nowhere else but at Cotter could someone play the first half of a football game and be part of the halftime show for homecoming. Nowhere else but Cotter can someone sing the National Anthem in their uniform, play a varsity sport and run over to make curtain calls for the fall musical. Nowhere else but at Cotter can a student be a star in debate/speech/the play/the band/the choir/the field/the court and the classroom. 

The male finalists for the Cotter Triple A award are:

  • Ashur Rouleau
  • James Greshik
  • Ryan Hesch

Our girls finalists are: 

  • Alison French
  • Ellie Glodowski
  • Megan Morgan

Our Triple A award winners are:
Ryan Hesch and Alison French




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